Test Suite

    Test Suite

    A TEST SUITE is a collection of test cases. In automated testing, it can mean a collection of test scripts. In a test suite, the test cases / scripts are organized in a logical order. For example, the test case for registration will precede the test case for login.

    ISTQB Definition

    • test suite: A set of test scripts or test procedures to be executed in a specific test run.

    When you have hundreds / thousands of test cases, a test suite allows you to categorize them in a way that matches your planning or analysis needs. For example, you could have a test suite for each of the core features of the software or you could have a separate test suite for a particular type of testing (for example, smoke test suite or security test suite).

    An example of a test suite for purchasing a product could comprise of the following test cases:

    • Test Case 1: Login
    • Test Case 2: Add Products
    • Test Case 3: Checkout
    • Test Case 4: Logout

    Note that each of the test cases above are dependent on the success of the previous test cases. For instance, it’s no use checking out if one cannot add products. Hence, if you are running a test suite in sequential mode, you can choose to stop the test suite execution if a single test case does not pass.

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