Software Testing Exercises

    SOFTWARE TESTING EXERCISES that you can do to practice your software testing aptitude. You can also use these exercises while assessing candidates for software testing jobs. Just be careful that some of the candidates may have already gone through this post.

    Exercise 1 [Old Google Homepage Test]

    Find more than 20 defects (layout inconsistencies, spelling errors, and the like) in the image below:

    The image is from Google Homepage (Long time ago). The current actual Google Homepage looks different from the image but the defects in the image are still valid and timeless. The image was edited using GIMP, and HTML using Notepad++.

    And, yes, there are indeed more than twenty defects.

    Exercise 2 [Failed Shot Test]

    A woman fired a shot at a man with her gun but the man did not die. List the possible reasons for the man not dying.

    There are numerous possibilities above and this exercise helps a tester identify possible test scenarios/cases.

    Exercise 3 [Room Test]

    List the defects/enhancements in the room you are in right now. [For example: there are dirty marks on the wall; the lighting could be better]

    You can use this particular exercise while interviewing a candidate as well. Look for how observant or detailed he/she is.

    Exercise 4 [Brushing Teeth Test]

    An alien meets you and it asks you to teach it how to brush its teeth. Assume that the alien has teeth exactly like yours and is as smart as you but it needs a clear step-by-step instruction. List the steps. Be as detailed as you can. [Example: hold the toothpaste with your left hand; turn the cap anti-clockwise]

    Exercise 5 [Ballpoint Pen Test]

    Hold a ballpoint pen. Identify the types of testing you would perform on it to make sure that it is of the highest quality.

    One can in fact associate almost all kinds of software testing types while testing a pen.

    Exercise 6 [Mouse Test]

    Similar to the Ballpoint Pen Test above, identify the types of testing you would perform on a mouse to make sure that it is of the highest quality.

    Of course, we mean a computer mouse, and not the animal mouse, when we say ‘mouse’ here.

    Exercise 7 [Addition Test]

    There is a simple program with the following items:

    • Input Box A
    • Input Box B
    • ADD button
    • Result Text Box [=A+B]

    Identify all the test cases for the program. [Example: press the Add button without entering anything in Input Box A and B]

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