Manual Testing

    MANUAL TESTING is a method of testing whereby software is tested manually (by a human). The tester does not use any script or tool to assist in testing but simply relies on his / her eyes, hands and brain (simulating the role of an end user). This method is contrasted with Automated Testing.

    Levels, Types & Methods

    Manual Testing method is normally used in Functional Testing like Smoke Testing and at levels of Acceptance Testing, System Testing and Integration Testing. [Unit Testing is normally automated.] Also, Ad hoc Testing is done manually.

    It is also essential in Usability Testing (A Non-Functional Test) because the test focuses on human interaction and perception.

    Manual Testing usually relies on the Black Box Testing method where the internal structure of the software is unknown.

    Manual Testing Pros / Advantages

    • Manual Testing is closer to a real-life scenario: Since the end-users of the software are almost always humans, a proper human testing the software is a good idea.
    • Manual Testing is more flexible: As requirements change and the software evolves frequently, humans can easily adapt their testing.
    • Manual Testing is less expensive to start with: All it takes to start with manual testing is a sane human being. Of course, for a reliable manual testing, you would want a well-trained human.

    Manual Testing Cons / Disadvantages

    • Manual Testing is error-prone: As they say “To err is human …”, the chance of missing a test or executing it incorrectly is very high in manual testing. One can be lazy, sleepy, upset, or simply stupid.
    • Manual Testing is time-consuming: A human has only two eyes, two hands and a brain; when it comes to the speed of execution, it nowhere matches the speed of a machine.
    • Manual Testing is not fit for tests that are repetitive or do not have visual output: Using the Manual Testing method for testing repetitive and / or boring features, recurring tests like Regression Testing and tests with limited visual output like Unit Testing is not a great idea.

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