About Us

Software Testing Fundamentals (STF) is a platform to gain (or refresh) basic knowledge in the field of Software Testing.

Who are we?

We are a group of software testing professionals with many years of experience in the software testing industry. By ‘many years’, we don’t mean hundreds of years either; our leader started his testing career in 2005 and that makes our experience 15+ years.

When did we start?

We began this website in 2009 and have been enhancing it ever since. Over the years, we have added, edited and deleted articles to suit the changing software industry and will continue the refinement of our content in the years to come.

How do we create our content?

We create our content based on our varied experiences and also by referring to others’ experiences and knowledge via notable books, articles & courses. We strive to make our content clear, correct, complete and concise. At the same time, we attempt to make learning as much fun as possible.

What is our purpose?

Our goal is to help make the software industry better by freely imparting the knowledge of software testing to the world. You need not pay a single cent for any of our content; all you need is the willingness to learn. Also, you are free to use our content however you see fit (of course, not hurting the universe either).