Software Testing Blogs

This is a list of recommended/top/best Software Testing Blogs listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.

We have chosen the blogs considering the following criteria:

  • The blog’s primary focus is on software testing.
  • The blog is regularly updated.
  • The blog’s content is of high-quality.
  • The blog does not belong to any company (except if the blogger owns the company)
  • The blog is a non-blog site like a portal, forum, groups, etc.


Blogger Blog Name Blog
Alan Richardson The Evil Tester
Andy Glover Cartoon Tester
Anne-Marie Charrett Maverick Tester
Anuj Creative Tester
Bj Rollison I.M.Testy
Brian Osman The Tao of Software Testing
Cem Kaner Software Engineering Professor and Consumer Advocate
Dawn Cannan Confessions of a Passionate Tester
Dhanasekhar S Testing Ideas
Elisabeth Hendrickson Thoughts on Agile, Testing, and Agile Testing
Eric Jacobson Refinements on the art of software testing
James Bach The Consulting Software Tester
Jeff Fry Thoughts on the craft of software testing
Jeroen Rosink World of Software Testing
Joe Strazzere All things Quality
Joel Montvelisky QA Intelligence
Jon Bach Highlighting the humanity in software testing
Jonathan Kohl Consultant specializing in software testing
Keith Random thoughts about Software Testing.
Keith Klain Quality Remarks
Lanette Creamer Testy Redhead
Lisa Crispin Providing Practical Agile Testing Guidance
Marisa, Daniel, Josh The Testing Blog
Matthew Heusser Creative Chaos
Michael Bolton DevelopSense
Parimala Shankaraiah Curious Tester
Paul Lessons Learned by a Software Tester
Pradeep Soundararajan Software Testing Zen
Puneet Karla Software Testing Stuff
Rahul Verma Testing Perspective
Ray Claridge Agile Testing Tester Troubles
Rob Lambert The Social Tester
Santhosh Tuppad Software Testing Blog
Sharath Byregowda Test to Tester
Shrini Kulkarni Thinking Tester
Various Short Software Testing Tips
Various Software Testing Fundamentals
Various The Test Eye


We update the list of Software Testing Blogs as often as possible, based on our research and your feedback. Please let us know if you want the details of any listed blog to be updated or if you want any other blog to be listed.